Aroused elephant humps car full of tourists in South Africa

The biggest bull elephant in Pilanesberg National Park is name Amarula, known for being highly charged and easily aroused.

In 2011, he became famous in South Africa after flipping a tourist’s car in the park. Seems when Amarula gets aroused, or in a state of “musth” which means a spike in reproductive hormones, he likes to “massage” himself against a car.

According to the guide in the video below, when Amarula gets into a state of “musth” the smell of testosterone can be overwhelming when it comes from an elephant.elephant planesburg

When Amarula gets into this state, he tries to have his way with cars leaving tourists inside a little bit, we’re fairly sure, overwhelmed by the attention. He did it with a rental car with two French tourists inside and they had a crumpled roof and flat tire. Amarula also tore off the front bumper.

Obviously, he’s a hump them and leave them kind of elephant.

h/t: Pilanesberg National Park

Photo credit: Armand Grobler Photography, Barcroft Media

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