Arrested man accuses police of cruelty after his chihuahua was left locked in RV

Nathan Young was arrested at his RV home after police in Surrey, UK accused him of assault but the accused is now charing the police with animal cruelty after his chihuahua was left locked inside the motor home for nearly 24 hours without food or water.

Young said his five-year-old pet Rocco was left behind when police took him away. When he asked what about his dog, the police just laughed and shut the door, according to Young.

His one phone was to a friend to ask him to look after Rocco and Young said he asked two officers to drop off the keys to his motor home with his friend Mick.

They said, ‘You can phone the RSPCA or something’. Then they started laughing.”

Later, almost 19 hours after his arrest, Young was released and not charged. That’s when he found the keys still in his bag.

The valeting business owner, who splits his time between the motor home and his house in Walton Green, was distraught when he realised how long Rocco spent cooped up without food or water. In the Local Guardian, Young said he was upset to find out that his dog had been left by himself.

I broke down in tears knowing he had been there for that long. He’s my buddy, he comes everywhere with me. He was really distressed, he wasn’t eating or drinking properly. He’s just getting back to his normal self, but every time I get up and go out he’s always by my side.”

Young filed a complaint with Surrey Police after being released last Thursday.

In an emailed response to the complaint, seen by the Croydon Guardian, Inspector Michael Hodder confirmed the two officers had told Mr Young “they would contact Mick and get an officer to meet with him and get Rocco looked after.”

He admitted a “breakdown in communication” had occurred.

h/t: Guardian UK 

Photo credit: Croydon Guardian 

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