Australian man saves drowning Kookaburra using CPR, air pump and now has new BFF

This story is for the birds. Specifically one bird, a Kookaburra named George that is now BFFs with his “bloke” from Sydney, Australia.

You see, Majid Shahen jumped into action last month when the Kookaburra flew into some glass and plunged into the family’s pool. That’s where he found it and assumed it was dead.

But Shahen performed chest compressions, mouth-to-beak resuscitation and even used an air pump to bring the wayward bird back from the dead.

He tried massaging the bird.


He tried mouth-to-beak breathing.


Then came the air hose.

He did this for four-and-a-half minutes — and all of it was captured on video. And, then the bird flipped over to applause – and relief.

“Dad saved a Kookaburra!” a voice can be heard saying. “He’s alive.”

New life was literally pumped into the bird.

Shahen’s son uploaded the amazing video to YouTube with this description:

“My dad was in his car when he saw the bird hit the glass wall in land in our pool in which he drowned and was close to dying. My dad staright away got the bird and formed cpr on him/her. The cpr was working okay but he needed something more strng so he brought something else into the scene. This thing pumped large amounts of air very fast. My father placed the tube in the birds mouth and turned it on which straight away brought him back to life!”


The story was naturally picked up by local TV, which reported on Shahen’s heroics.

Shahen said he was just “acting on instinct.” And then for days, the bird kept coming back to visit his saviour.


See, the bird is just fine. And Shahen has a new fine feathered friend.

The Kookaburra returned to visit the family for several days after being rescued.

Photos Oxygnn/YouTube

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