Baby giraffe with joint problems gets leg up with custom braces at San Diego Zoo

Msituni was born was unstable wrist joints at the San Diego Zoo.

The giraffe calf struggled to walk as the disorder caused her front legs to bend improperly.

It would make life in the wild impossible, but even life at the zoo difficult since the three-month-old giraffe couldn’t really stand or walk like a normal giraffe.

And so, wildlife specialists contacted orthotics specialists to design some custom leg braces for Msituni.

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and the Texas-based Hanger Clinic got together to design some very customized leg braces for one very tall baby.

Molds were taken of the calf’s legs to fit her perfectly — and then braces were built.

Officials helped get her on her feet. Soon, she became accustomed to the additional support.

“After nearly 40 days in the hospital, Msituni was finally strong enough to reunite with the giraffe tower at the 60-acre savanna habitat at the Safari Park,” the zoo explained last week. “Her inspirational story is a testament to the innovative conservation work that can be accomplished when we work together.”

Msituni is now no different than any other giraffe.

She just happens to have had a bit of a leg up.

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