Baby sloth washed up on surf rescued by chance in Costa Rica

Guanabana is one very lucky (and very cute) baby sloth.

Dirk and Lori Morgan, who operate Morgan’s Jungle Lodge in Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica, happened upon the wayward animal clinging hopelessly to a rock on the beach Monday morning.

The entire ordeal was captured on video and in photos.

“I’m gonna rescue you you poor baby,” Dirk can be heard saying as the blonde two-toed sloth squawks away.

“Oh you poor thing,” he says. “How did you get down here? You’ve been in the surf.”

“Precious thing. Where’s your mommy?”

But she’s no where to be seen.

That’s when its good Samaritans swoop in with a towel and box.

The baby sloth is whisked to safety. Morgan’s Jungle Lodge/Facebook

The sloth seems incredibly relieved – if not a tad dirty and tired.

Sloth in a box. Morgan’s Jungle Lodge/Facebook

For a creature used to life high in the trees, it appears to have somehow survived high tide.

“Lucky day for this little guy we found on the beach this morning before something got to him,” the resort posted on Facebook. “He seemed to be fine and happy to be dried off and safe.”

Conveniently, the Morgans are right next door to an animal sanctuary.

So the little sloth, now called Guanabana, which is a large prickly fruit grown in tropical regions, will be well cared for.

And the Morgans, only too happy to help.

“We did a small part to help this creature and feel fortunate to have had that opportunity,” Dirk wrote as congratulations started rolling in.

So, here’s looking at you, kid.

Baby sloth saved! Morgan’s Jungle Lodge/Facebook

Photos Morgan’s Jungle Lodge/Facebook

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