Baby zebra born at Toronto Zoo needs your help to find a name

He’s black and white and cute all over.

The Toronto Zoo announced the birth of a baby Grevy’s zebra. The male foal was actually born to 8-year-old mother Tori and father, Jake, on Feb. 13, but the birth announcement only came today.

And it’s confirmed: He’s adorable.

The foal is settling in at the facility’s indoor enclosure with mom.

He’s not ready for his public debut — yet.

The foal was born Feb. 13. Toronto Zoo/Twitter

But mom and son are really doing well and bonding.

The zoo considers the birth significant for the species.

Grevy’s zebras are currently listed as endangered on the World Conservation Union’s Red List, with only 2,800 left in the wild.

The animal’s decline began 40 years ago from overhunting. Now, the population that remains is mostly confined to Kenya and Ethiopia.

“Over the past 30 years, their global population has declined by approximately 70%,” the zoo explained. “The major threats facing Grevy’s zebras are the loss of grazing habitat and reduced access to available water sources, competition for resources, hunting, and disease.”

So, that’s why this little guy is important.

Both mom and foal are doing well. Toronto Zoo/Twitter

And now, a naming contest is underway.

The options are:

  • “JJ” (Jake Jr. after dad Jake)
  • “TJ” (After both mom Tori and dad Jake)
  • “Chewy” (As per the Star Wars theme of previous zebras born at the zoo)
  • “Obi” (Another Star Wars option )

Voting ends March 10, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

Meantime, the world can’t wait to meet him.

Photos Toronto Zoo/Twitter


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