Bald Eagle shish kebabs himself with a skewer. (He’s fine now)

A bald eagle on Vancouver Island had to undergo surgery after vets discovered an unusual piece of metal in the eagle’s stomach.

Turns out it was a skewer–as in the kind used in barbecuing shish kebabs.

The skewer was discovered after the eagle was brought in for surgery after getting injured in a fight with another eagle. Hmmm, wonder if perhaps the two were fencing?

The staff at Island Veterinary Hospital ran tests on the injured wild animals to see what help was needed internally and discovered a surprise.

Dr. Ken Langelier said there were concerns about fractures initially.

Is there a possibility there might be broken bones? How deep are the punctures? So we took an X-ray, and of course we look at it and go, ‘What’s that?’

The skewered bald eagle was actually the victor in the fight because he had fewer injuries than his opponent.

Langelier said despite the ingested piece of metal, bald eagles are remarkable because they still have the instinct to survive.

The two eagles were discovered on Mudge Island–their bodies soaked and entangled after what must have been a brutal fight. Their talons were embedded in each other.

For the full story, check out Chek News from Victoria. 

Photo credit: Chek News


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