Cop Jon Boyer loves cats, becomes Internet sensation

I Love Jon Boyer isn’t the Baltimore police officer’s personal Facebook page.

Instead, it’s one set up by his many fans who want to express their adoration of the …dare we be sexist?…why not…hunky cop who loves hugging kittens. There are 2,000 fans of the I Love Jon Boyer site.

Beyond Boyer’s regular cop duties, he is also into rescuing animals.  Sande Riesett, who created the anti-animal abuse campaign called “Show Your Soft Side” featuring Boyer cuddling a kitten, says all the ladies go gaga. His reputation goes beyond the police force.

Seems he’s constantly coming in with animals he’s rescued from abandoned buildings or the streets.”

Boyer, 26, has been a cop for around three and a half years and despite his frequent participation in rescue activities, he does it on his own time.  – it’s not in his job description to bring abandoned, neglected, hurt and abused animals to the shelter.

h/t: Baltimore Fox, Facebook


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