Bananas infested with hundreds of spiders

A British family purchased a bunch of bananas. What they got in addition to their fruit was hundreds of creepy crawlies.

It was shocked dad Jamie Roberts, 31, who first spotted white patches covering the bananas. He thought it was mould. On closer inspection, he realized the fruit was infested with a spider nest. 

And not just any ordinary kind of spider. 

Roberst, an arachnophobe, and his wife Crystal called pest control who advised them to leave their home in Hednesford immediately. They took their two children, Georgina and Joshua and split.

It took 24 hours for the fumigation to clear before the family was finally allowed back home. Although the spiders have not been officially identified, there are some suggestions that they could be the deadly Brazilian Wandering Spider, the world’s most poisonous. 

How exactly the spiders ended up in a British grocery store is not know.

Now, enjoy your lunch.


h/t: SWNS

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