Bear casually strolls on into City Hall in South Lake Tahoe

This bear apparently had a beef with City Hall.

But officials with the City of South Lake Tahoe, California were quick to deal with a potential hairy situation.

“This guy was ‘beary’ disappointed he missed this weeks City Council Meeting, but he stopped by City Hall anyway!” the community posted on Facebook Thursday.

Local resident Robert A. Eplett snapped some photos of the black bear wandering in and out of the government building on July 17.

The bear used the automatic sliding doors.

Nothing was broken and nobody was hurt. And, the bear never did get its say.

“We’ll have to teach him how to use the mic before we let him up to the podium,” the city joked.

One very busy bear. Robert E. Eplett/City of South Lake Tahoe Goverment/Facebook

Photos Robert A. Eplett/City of South Lake Tahoe Government/Facebook

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