Bear climbs inside car and rips the interior to shreds in British Columbia

Call it a very hairy encounter with a would-be car thief.

Police were called to a home in Port Moody, B.C. early on the morning of Sept. 13 only to find a black bear seated in the front seat of a car.

“As members arrived on scene to assist with containment it was apparent the suspect had gained entry with his bear hands,” Acting Sergeant Rob Degoey said in statement later.

And, the entire encounter was captured on video.

“How does it even happen?” a man can be heard saying off camera, as the bear looks into the lens. “How does a bear get inside somebody’s car and lock the door?”

“Only in Port Moody,” he adds.

He’s not wrong.

Port Moody, which sit along Burrard Inlet east of downtown Vancouver, does warn residents — and visitors — of bears in the area.

“Upon arrival, members quickly determined the home owners had captured the want to be thief in the car and the suspect was actively trying to escape,” Degoey continued.

B.C. Conservation Officers were called in to help remove the bear, which had torn appear pretty much everything inside.

“The suspect was unharmed and free to embrace its new found freedom,” police added.

Jokes aside, officials said people need to remember to keep car doors locked and their trash bins secured.

Photo Port Moody Police Department/Twitter

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