Bear cubs rescued from dumpster on Vancouver Island

Maybe they were looking for a tasty treat. Or, perhaps a game of hide and seek.

But somehow, two black bear cubs wound up stuck in a dumpster on Vancouver Island while their mother worried nearby.

British Columbia’s Conservation Officer Service said yesterday its officials rescued the cubs from a recycling facility in Sooke, which is on the southern tip of the island.

“The cubs were ear tagged and reunited with their mother who was patiently watching the operation from afar,” the province wrote on Facebook.

The rescued cubs are tagged before being returned to their mother. Conservation Officer Service/Facebook

Lucky bears, indeed.

The helpless bears were trapped in a dumpster in Sooke, B.C. Conservation Officer Service/Facebook

The province also has some advice for homeowners and businesses even this late in the year since not all bears have gone into hibernation.

“CO’s are reminding people that bears are still out looking for food, particularly in southwestern BC and all garbage, compost and other attractants need to be locked away at all times,” the province said.

Photos Conservation Officer Service/Facebook

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