Bear-y hairy intruder breaks into Colorado home, plays piano (Badly)

When Katie Hawley returned to her Vail, Colorado home, it was a complete mess.

Assuming a break-in, the college student called police. Cops arrived, investigated and told Hawley their working theory of the case.

“He was like, that was a bear, not a person,” Hawley told the Washington Post.

Then, Vail police issued the most amazing press release about the May 31 incident.

“The initial call was a reported burglary,” police said. “Upon inspection, the responding officer surmised a black bear had been foraging for food after entering the home through an open kitchen window. While inside, the bear did minor damage to the apartment and took food from a freezer.”

While it wasn’t completely clear what kind of animal was responsible initially, the damage showed all signs of bear.

And then, the identity of the suspect was confirmed when Hawley checked her internal camera system.

It captured the unusual intruder on video.

“The bear was seen wandering around the apartment and at one point went to a piano putting its paws on the keys playing a few notes. The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly, according to police.”

Police even directed people to Hawley’s video upload on YouTube.

Although officers searched the area, the suspect is still at large, police said.

Wildlife encounters aren’t that unusual in the area, but this sort of intrusion is uncommon.

Photos Katie Hawley/YouTube

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