Bears, bears everywhere in the B.C. Rockies

Springtime means a couple of things in the Canadian Rockies. Tourist season is afoot and hungry bears are coming out.

And, in British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park there has been so much bear activity, many areas have been closed (including Olive Lake Day use area and southbound brake check) while others are accessible, but with warnings (such as Redstreak Campground, Cobb Lake trail, and the Olive Lake northbound brake check). Parks Canada officials are asking visitors to be particularly cautious near the south end of Kootenay park on Highway 93 south.

“We are especially concerned because of the number of momma bears with cubs frequenting the dandelions and grasses near the highway, and are asking motorists to heed the posted speed limits and be extra cautious in these areas,” Parks said in a statement.

The bears are expected to stay in the area in the coming weeks until the snow melts at higher elevations, officials added. Here are some recent photos of a mother bear and her two cubs. Please, drive and play carefully.


Photos S. Wasylowich/Parks Canada

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