Bears jumping into spring on trampolines in Connecticut

A family in Connecticut has some cute, but unwanted visitors.

Most recently, three black bear cubs tore through their garbage and then made a bee-line for the trampoline.

No, they don’t feed the bears.

It was garbage day and the trash wasn’t secured well enough.

It’s not like you can intervene at that point.

“This is my yard and many different families of bears have been coming for years,” the family posted on YouTube. “They play on the trampoline, swing and treehouse. We do not feed them in any way. We live in an area that is has many bears and we live near a water source. All filming is taken from inside my house of course! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!”

Voila, bear cubs enjoying the trampoline.

Which seems to be a thing in Connecticut this week.

April Haller spotted bears in her yard, too.

“Whoa that’s amazing,” a child is heard saying in her video just posted to YouTube of three cubs and their mother ripping through a trampoline.

“Three cubs and a Mama Bear living the American dream in my trampoline in Avon, Connecticut this morning!!,” she wrote.

Main photo Bears/YouTube


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