Beaver walks into a store, destroys the artificial trees & gets arrested

Christmas shopping can get to the best of us.

We go in without a plan, or find the items we wanted to buy are sold out. For one busy beaver in Maryland this holiday season, a recent visit to the mall was just too much.

Police were even called to Dollar General at Charlotte Hall St. Mary’s County to arrest the unruly shopper.



“Cpl. Yingling had a unique call for service when the suspect, pictured, was witnessed causing prop. Destruction at a store in Char. Hall,” the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s office tweeted.

The beaver, you see, headed straight for the artificial Christmas trees.




But they really weren’t what he had in mind.




So, he proceeded to upend the joint, totally trashing Christmas kitsch.



Who can blame him? The holidays are stressful.

The cute little beaver was scooped up by wildlife rehabilitation officials and sent back into the wild. And no doubt, banned for life from the dollar store.

“All joking aside, the beaver was safely rescued by animal control and released to wildlife rehabilitation,” authorities tweeted.

h/t Washington Post Photos Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office/Twitter

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