Bee Warned: Man’s recording-breaking “bee beard” will completely freak you out

Blood Honey is a new film described by its producers as a “mind bending indie psycho thriller.”

So naturally, to promote it they find a guy willing to blow the minds of everyone in downtown Toronto with a psychotic stunt.

At least for anyone who is a touch wigged out by bees.

And so, Juan Carlos Noguez Ortiz aimed to set a Guinness World Record in the niche sport of “bee bearding.”

He sat in a chair allowing himself to be covered in bees: 100,000 bees.

This went on for 61 minutes.

There really is a world record for everything.

Ortiz beat the previous bee bearding one, which was set at 53 minutes, 34 seconds.

Everything about this seems like a bad idea.

But it was done under the watchful eye of Dickey Bee Honey Farm, a fourth generation family business.

And it did involve some prep.

Seriously. Dying just looking at this.

How’s that for some movie release buzz?


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