Belgians cats raid Twitter to foil terrorists during #BrusselsLockdown manhunt

Belgians cats are ready to battle terrorists.

It all began after a second day of raids in Brussels.

Under the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown, officials sent out on Twitter a plea for residents to stay indoors and not post descriptions of what police are doing.

Defence Minister Vandeput tweeted:

“Police are asking the public not to report their movements on social media, please support & rt #BrusselsLockdown.

Belgians responded with pictures of cats, like the feature picture above.

Terrorists??? Whatever, I’m going for a nap….#BrusselsLockdown

Instead of posting pictures of the raids and describing police operations that were going on around the city, which led to 21 arrests, residents sent in pictures of cats.

Even Twitter users outside of Belgian got into the spirit of fighting terrorists with cat photos.

Federal police tweeted out their thanks to residents …and their cats with a dish of kibble to show their appreciation.

Good job Belgian cats for making the world a bit safer today.

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