Very big litter for a very big cat at Saint Louis Zoo as cheetah gives birth to 8 cubs

This is exactly what the world needs: More cheetahs.

A 4-year-old cheetah named Bingwa at the Saint Louis Zoo gave birth to eight cubs on Nov. 26. The zoo only announced the births yesterday and it was the largest litter of cheetah cubs in the zoo’s history.

The average litter size is three to four cubs.

In over 430 litters documented by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, this is the first time a cheetah has produced and reared on her own a litter of eight cubs at a zoo, according to the St. Louis Zoo.

There are five female cubs and three males.

“Mother and cubs are doing well and will remain in their private, indoor maternity den behind the scenes at River’s Edge for the next several months,” the facility said in a statement.

So far, all eight cubs are healthy and doing well with mother adapting to the big job.

In a surprise to no one, Bingwa means “champion” in Swahili.

“She has quickly become adept at caring for her very large litter of cubs — grooming, nursing and caring for them attentively,” the zoo said.

Also, so very cute.

Welcome to the world, little kitties.

Mother Bingwa, is on loan to the Saint Louis Zoo from Wildlife Safari in Winston, Ore., and father, nine-year-old Jason, is on loan from White Oak Conservation in Yulee, Fla.


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