Big Surprise: Minnesota firefighters free black bear with giant milk can stuck on head

It could have been bad news for this bear.

Instead, first responders in Minnesota used the “jaws of life” to free a 150-pound black bear, which found its head wedged tightly into a 10-gallon milk jug.

The bizarre incident unfolded last week near Roseau, where the male bear stumbled upon — and then into — some old trash, which may have been mistaken as a food source. Conservation Officer Eric Benjamin and others worked hard to rescue the animal.

“First, they drilled holes in the jug so the animal could breathe,” the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources posted on Facebook this week.

Then they tried to slip it off.

“They used cooking oil to try to slide it off the animal’s head,” the department added. “No luck.”

This is one lucky bear saved from a sour situation. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources/Facebook

As a last resort, the Roseau Fire Department was brought in.

Firefighters used the special equipment to unleash the otherwise hopeless bear. The jaws of life are usually used to tear apart metal in traffic accidents to free crash victims.

But it worked perfectly for this odd occasion.

Not your usual accident scene. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources/Facebook

Animal lovers are praising everyone involved.

“One of the stranger things we have done,” the fire department later posted online. “It’s always interesting.”

Once freed, the animal took off into the woods — where here’s probably better off without the disguise.

Photos Minnesota Department of Natural Resources/Facebook

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