Birds make nest out of needles in Vancouver’s drug-plagued Downtown Eastsidei

Vancouver police superintendent Michelle Davey posted this picture on her twitter account @VPDSuperDavey as an example of the dire conditions in the city’s Downtown Eastside.

The tweet sparked a huge reaction and media interest from as far away as the Guardian Newspaper.

Some commentators of the tweet said the pigeons’ nest was proof that Vancouver’s liberal drug policy, which includes the first supervised injection site in North America, wasn’t working.

Others said the photograph indicated a far more dire situation of the human suffering that is happening in the neighbourhood.

Still others doubted the veracity of the photo saying the needles look a bit too uniform.

Thus, our conclusion is inconclusive. Is this photo the canary in the mineshaft or a canard?

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  1. Wow! I really dont know what to say. This is just appalling that there are that many needles laying around for this bird to make a nest! I am so glad those babies didnt have to enter this world high and disease infested from being poked.

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