Bitten by a shark, but now watch a baby sea otter getting ready to return to the ocean

Sea Otter 808 has been through a lot.

The pup was attacked by a shark. Then, he was found alone and injured on a beach. That’s when the Monterey Bay Aquarium saved him and he became the 808th rescued otter taken in through its sea otter program.

Now, its experts are treating his wounds. Meanwhile, the other rescue otters are teaching him how to be, well, a sea otters.

“Otter 808 is the latest addition to our Sea Otter Program, and we’re hard at work getting him ready for release back to the wild,” officials said.

You’ll notice the staff members don masks to prevent imprinting when the animals are released back into the wild.

Otter 808 is pretty lucky.

And the California aquarium is asking for the public’s help to care for even more wild and injured or abandoned animals.

Photo Monterey Bay Aquarium/Twitter

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