Black bear cubs caught snoozing at the top of a Manitoba Hydro pole

It was quite a trick for two bear cubs Halloween morning.

For some reason, the black bear pair thought it a treat to fall asleep high atop a transmission pole in the Canadian prairies.

The animals were first spotted Wednesday morning by a Manitoba Hydro crew near the community of Sundown, Man., about 135 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg.

“There’s a first for everything” the utility company tweeted.

Power was cut to the line so workers could safely remove the cubs.

“We’ve deenergized the section of the line around the bears so that they’re safe up there,” the utility company tweeted. “We’re not sure why they climbed the pole, but they may have been spooked by something.”

Eventually they did work their way down.

And, in fine form.

Future line workers, indeed.

Maybe just find a new place to nap.

Photos Ryan Canada/Instagram/Manitoba Hydro/Twitter 

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