Black bear grabs bite to go on the back of a dump truck in North Carolina

This takes eating on the road to a whole new level.

This week in North Carolina, a black bear, apparently in search of a snack, clamoured on top of a garbage truck when it began moving.

The bear, seemingly trapped under the mesh designed to hold the refuse in, went for quite a ride, too.
“Truck was hauling trash from Dare County we believe to the Republic Service Landfill in Bertie County,” according to the Windsor/Bertie County Chamber of Commerce.

Motorists noticed the unusual hitchhiker and called 9-1-1.

The driver was oblivious to the tagalong.

Police were dispatched and stopped the vehicle.

“Upon rolling the screen back,” the chamber of commerce said, “the bear hopped out of the truck and ran in the woods!”

Photo Windsor/Bertie County Chamber of Commerce/Facebook

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