Blind dog still on the move with Bumper Buddy

This is brilliant. This may even beat animal wheelchairs. A genius devised this walking device, the Bumper Buddy, for a blind Chihuahua named Buddy.


It’s so simple, yet it helps this wee pooch navigate obstacles with ease.



The dog’s family, Jordan Berg and Jesse Foy of North Texas, originally boasted (and, rightly so) about the invention on reddit.

“Our dog recently went blind. Today, we gave him his confidence back,” they wrote.

Then, they uploaded a video of the gadget in action to YouTube.

“Our dog Buddy has become blind because of cataracts. My fiancé has made him this homemade bumper harness inspired by other designs so that he can confidently walk around the house without hurting himself!… I know it’s not the best video shot, haha, just a lot of people were asking to see it!”

The San Diego Humane Society probably summed it up best on Facebook.

“We love seeing examples of people offering love and support, often in very creative ways, to help their fur babies find happiness and success.”

“The harness allows him to walk around again in confidence because instead of hitting an object/wall with his nose, the bumper does it for him!” Berg posted to EllenTube. “We’re just happy to have our little Buddy back!”

Oh, and in case you’re interested. The couple has also posted a Bumper Buddy DIY video.


“Thank you to everyone who left a nice comment or shared our story, we really appreciate it!” the wrote. “For those of you who were asking how we made this bumper, here is the video you have been waiting for!”

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  1. Hello, I just found your page and wanted to thank you!! Im going to try to make your harness for my little Maggie. She is a Pekingese and is loosing her eyesite..Because of that she keeps injuring her eyes with scratches from banging into things. Its made such a sad change in her quality of life ..I hope this great idea of yours can help my girl as much as it has helped your little dog!!

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