Blind goat kidnapped from Alberta sanctuary has been returned


Those are the two words Farm Animal Rescue & Rehoming Movement, or FARRM, has been hoping to say since Sunday night.

That’s when Daisy, a blind goat, was kidnapped from the Wetaskiwin, Alberta animal sanctuary. The details, however, are still unclear.

“She’s unharmed as best we can tell, and we’ve got her safe in our arms,” FARRM just announced Wednesday night on Facebook. We will provide details to you all shortly.”

“To each and everyone of you, thank you.”

Just hours earlier FARRM detailed the exhaustive search efforts including at $10,000 reward.

It appears someone heard the pleas for the goat’s return and dropped her off.

A neighbour spotted her 500 metres from the farm.

“Our neighbour wouldn’t accept the reward money but we are working out something else to pay it forward,” FARRM said. “We don’t have all the details of that yet but know that in lieu of taking the reward herself it will be getting paid forward to an organization of her choosing. As for the person or people who returned Daisy to us… thank you.”

Precious Daisy before she vanished. FARRM/Facebook

Meanwhile, Daisy is getting back to her usual business.

In her food dish.

Photos FARRM/Facebook

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