Lucky Kitty: Bobcat hit by car, wedged in grill somehow survives

Talk about your wild rides.

We’ve all heard about cats crawling up into an engine unbeknownst to the driver.

But a bobcat stuck in a grill?

That’s what happened to one driver recently in Virginia.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia got a call after a woman said she hit something on her way to work Thanksgiving day.

“When she parked at VCU she found that ‘something’ was a Bobcat still stuck in the grill of her car. Yes, you read that right. A Bobcat,” the center posted on Facebook.

One stuck, but very lucky bobcat. Richmond Animal Care and Control/Facebook

That’s when the Richmond Animal Care and Control was also called in to help removed the wedged cat.

The female bobcat was “bright, alert and growling” at the veterinarian on scene.

She managed to sedate the animal.

The sedated bobcat is moved into recovery. Richmond Animal Care and Control/Facebook

But the big cat had noticeable injuries.

“The bobcat had slight difficulty breathing, and there was a large laceration on the bobcat’s back, with one portion of the wound that appeared a bit deeper, exposing ligaments and muscle,” the center said. There was several other small abrasions on the bobcat’s back, but no other significant wounds. Radiographs confirmed that no fractures were present, though indicated some bruising in the lungs.”

Hit by a car, but the bobcat is now on the mend. Wildlife Center of Virginia/Facebook

The next day, the bobcat was “extremely feisty” and moved to an outdoor pen.

They will continue to monitor the bobcat and if she recovers as expected, the bobcat should be released in about a month.

Meanwhile, officials consider this one for the record books, with Richmond Animal Care and Control pointing out:

“RACC can now add Bobcat rescue to our resume. 😊”

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