Bobcat kittens rescued from house fire, then miraculously reunited with their mother

As far as house fires go, this one was pretty routine.

Except for the rescue.

Firefighters in Calgary saved not one, but two baby bobcats that were living under a deck as a smoke poured from the attached home in the city’s southwest.

Fire crews were called to an unoccupied single family residence on Oakmount Way Southwest on Friday afternoon.

As they battled the blaze, firefighters pulled out the kittens one by one. The first, from outside a side door. The second, was hiding under the side door step.

They were handed to neighbours who eagerly cuddled them.

The tiny cats were whisked to a veterinarian, who determined they weren’t house cats.

They were assessed for any injuries and given them fluids. The pair was taken to the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.

Then, an unexpected update came Saturday.

“We are thrilled to report that with the help of Alberta Fish and Wildlife, we have reunited the kittens with their mother today,” the wildlife group said on Facebook.  “Reunification is always the best outcome for wildlife and we couldn’t be happier!”

Also, the kittens are ridiculously cute.

Bobcats are known to frequent the area.

They don’t seem to mind a built-up residential area in a major city.

As it turned out, reunification wasn’t that difficult.

“She was circling the block and returning to yard where she had been raising her little ones,” the rehabilitation society said. “When I pulled up she was walking down the sidewalk beside the house. She sure didn’t go far.”

Bobcat kittens rescued from a house fire in Calgary. Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society/Facebook

h/t CTV Calgary


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