Bunny Yoga. Yep, it’s a real thing and it’s pretty awesome

Downward Dog with dogs has been a thing for a while.

But now a new bunny twist to that concept. Bunny Yoga

Sunberry Fitness is partnering with a local bunny rescue group in Richmond, Canada to pair up yoga devotees to rabbits needing homes.


Richmond has a big bunny abandonment problem and they hop around in parks, on hospital grounds, golf courses, shopping mall parking lots and other urban places.

Bandaid for Bunnies, the local rescue which is completely run by volunteers, brought over the bunnies from their shelter to a yoga class at Sunberry Fitness last weekend.

The class sold out fast.  rabbit-mat.jpg.size.xxlarge.promo

But don’t worry. Easter is around the corner and the next yoga with bunnies event is happening on March 20.

Tickets for the event are $20 and can be purchased by calling 778-709-0351.

All bunnies are pair bonded so if you’re interested, you must foster at least two.

Nobody wants a bunny to be lonely without their bunny friends.


h/t: Sunberry Fitness

Photo credit: Bandaid for Bunnies , Sunberry Fitness 

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