Calgary’s first baby penguin has a name (No, it’s not Sidney Crosby)

The first penguin hatched at the Calgary Zoo finally has a name – Una – as chosen by visitors to the facility. The zoo announced the Gentoo’s name on Monday after more than 1,700 people voted from among the final four choices – Georgia, Ronne and Hope. (Hope was a close second.)



The female penguin was hatched last July by one of the zoo’s breeding pairs of Gentoo penguins named Giselle and Lachlan. The egg was laid on May 31 and both parents took care of the egg, even through the devastating southern Alberta floods that ravaged much of the zoo. Watch as they welcome their little one into the world.


This is the first penguin chick ever hatched at the zoo since opening the somewhat controversial, but incredibly popular Penguin Plunge in February,  2012.

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