California man bitten by rattlesnake he tried to take selfie with may lose his arm

Alex Gomez of Lake Elsinore, California spotted a four-foot rattlesnake near his family’s ranch and decided he wanted to take a selfie with the reptile.

So as his nephew Ronnie looked on, Gomez wrapped the snake around his neck.

The snake gave plenty of warning before bitingĀ Gomez.

Neighbours called 911 immediately when Gomez’ hand swelled up and his body started to tingle.

His mother said she is sharing his embarrassing story in hope of teaching her son a lesson she thought he already knew.

“I’m shocked he would have that thing around his neck. It could have bitten his neck and that would have been it,” said Deborah Gomez, his mother. “That’s just being a fool.

Gomez is being treated with anti-venom. His mother said he may lose his hand.

After he was bitten, Gomez, a father of three, experienced excruciating pain. He was taken to the hospital where his hand swelled up and his body began to tingle.

“His skin is already rotting away, Deborah Gomez said.

California Poison Control reports handling 800 rattlesnake bites per year, and one or two end up being fatal.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Alex was bitten during peak rattlesnake bite season, which runs from April to October.

Due to the drought and the heat the rattlesnake issue has been worse this year.

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