California man rescues dog from burning home

Have far would you go to save your pet?

Jose Guzman risked his life to save his family’s beloved dog, Gabbana, as their home burned to the ground this week.

The incredible rescue was caught on cellphone video as firefighters in Pala, California urged him to stay away from the raging fire and thick smoke.

“Get out of there. Get him out of there,” the firefighters are heard yelling.

Guzman ignores them to search for his dog.

He found her inside the bathroom, and still on her leash from the backyard after her doghouse — and everything else — burned, according to KUSI News.

Guzman comes running out with her to safety about 30 seconds later. Guzman has slight burns and the 2-and-a-half-year-old dog was also singed.

“I had to go get my baby out of there,” he said later. “I knew she was in there.”

He didn’t know he was being filmed. And is grateful for the outpouring of support for his family — and appreciation for what he did to save his pet.

“I didn’t care about anything but getting my dog,” Guzman explained.

Roxana Martinez set up a GoFundMe page to help her brother and his family.

“Luckily everyone is fine but their home, two cars and belongings burned down in a fire and are now left with nothing,” she wrote. “I am asking friends, family and members of our community for a donation to help getting my brother and his family back on their feet any amount that can be donated would be greatly appreciated.”

So far, more than $38,000 has been donated.

Guzman humbly offered his thanks.

Proof that sometimes heroes don’t wear capes.

The fire started next door and spread to Guzman’s house. The family had only recently moved in and don’t have insurance.

But none of that matters.

Through tears Guzman told KUSI News how much Gabbana means to them.

“She’s been with us forever,” he said through tears. “She’s part of the family. We love her.”

Photo Adam Guzman/Roxana Martinez/YouTube

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