California police on the hunt for a mountain lion sniff out house cat

California is home to mountain lions — and every so often they do run into people.

But never quite like this.

Police in suburban Pleasanton, which is about halfway between San Jose and San Francisco, responded to a most unusual complaint this week.

“Upon receiving a report of a ‘large mountain lion,’ we immediately went out to search the area and found this fur-ocious feline!” the Pleasanton Police Department posted on Facebook.

The complainant must not get out much, or while in, has never met a house cat.

Because this was the suspect.

Not a mountain lion. Not even a cat burglar. Pleasanton Police Department/Facebook

“We let him off with a verbal warning about impersonating bigger cats,” police said. “Don’t hesitate to report sightings and to practice safety when out hiking!”

Police had good sense of humour about the case.

And yes, this was no joke.

“We’re not ‘kitten,’ it was a real call for a mountain lion. 😄,” police added.

Cougar definitely doesn’t have their tongues.

Photo Pleasanton Police Department/Facebook

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