California prisoners hold fundraiser and donate money to Sacramento animal shelter

Kindness comes from unexpected places.

In this case, the California State Prison in Sacramento where inmates donated close to $1,700 to a local animal shelter.

The Front Street Animal Shelter posted the most heartwarming images of donors who spent their hard-earned money while doing hard time — at a rate 34 cents an hour — to help wayward animals.

“A big thanks to the Prison Warden for allowing this to happen and for the men inside, despite what got you there, we still see the goodness in your hearts,” the shelter posted today on Facebook.

The state prison works in partnership with community resource partnership to raise money for good causes.

The inmates in B Yard held a fundraiser where profits from food items not typically sold in the prison store would go to charity. The prisoners selected the Front Street Animal Shelter as the recipient of their donation.

The shelter retold some incredibly moving stories.

“Many of the men in the photograph have been in prison since a very young age. One of the men did not want to hold a puppy, telling us he did not think dogs liked him. He never had a dog as a child. When we put the pup in his arms, the little tail began to wag and the puppy began licking and kissing his face. The man was visibly moved by the experience. This is only one of the impactful moments we witnessed this day.”

Proving kindness does come in all shapes and sizes.

Photos Front Street Shelter/Facebook

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