Only in Canada: Fat beaver stuck in fence falls “arse over teakettle”

A chubby beaver found itself wedged between two bars of a wrought-iron fence sent Canadian wildlife officers scurrying to the rescue.

The beaver, Canada’s official animal and expert at chomping down tress, was spotted in the sticky situation around noon Tuesday on private property in Hamilton, Ontario.

“Unfortunately for this beaver, his sharp incisors were not helpful in cutting through‎ the iron fence,” the city explained. “He landed, as the Canadian-ism goes, arse over teakettle through the fence onto a lower section of ground and couldn’t pull his rear-end through with his tiny front paws.”

That’s one big beaver.

Beaver trapped in fence in Hamilton. Photo: City of Hamilton

A very quick thinking animal services officer named Sarah Mombourquette used Dawn dish soap to help the beaver slither free.

Behold, the freed beaver.

Freed beaver. Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge/Facebook

The beaver was taken to an Hamilton Animal Services shelter, where it rested comfortably and feasted on a veggie buffet.

Then, it was transferred the beaver to Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge in the community of Jarvis.

Care there has been top-notch – and well documented.

The beaver did suffer some injuries and will be fully rehabilitated before being released back into the wild, the city said, adding it will be given “a stern lecture about staying close to his aquatic home.”

The folks at Hobbitstee are optimistic.

“We hope for a speedy recovery so that this guy can soon rejoin his or her family. Beavers have a tight band with their family and kits stay with their parents for up to 3 years,” the refuge posted on Facebook.

Wayward beaver being treated. Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge/Facebook

Vet checks went well.

The refuge said the beaver has been “cleared for fractures and such by our vet” so they let him have a swim and take a bath, which they need stay hydrated, and in this case, help get sore muscles moving.

“The beaver is still having trouble with her/his back and hind limbs, so although full recovery is expected it might take a week or so to heal properly after which the beaver will be reunited with its family,” the refuge added.

The beaver might be released in about a week.

Meantime, city officials are slapping their tails for a job well done.

“Conservation efforts have led to a healthy beaver population and in honour of Canada 150, Hamilton Animal Services is thrilled to give this beaver a happy ending. We believe that no beaver should be left behind,” Paola Pianegonda, the city’s manager of animal services said.

Photos City of Hamilton/Twitter Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge/Facebook

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