Canada goose found “clinging” to her rotten eggs to be given orphaned goslings

The goose had already lost everything when Carolina Waterfowl Rescue got the call.

The Indian Trail, N.C. wildlife group said the Canada goose was despondent when they found it at a Charlotte shopping plaza on May 16.

“We got a call to check on this goose tonight she has already lost her mate, he was killed earlier in the week,” the group said. “Something has killed her goslings and she was sitting on 2 rotten eggs.”

Even worse, the rescue group added, people were throwing trash on her.

“She was literally covered in garbage. Clinging to her eggs which is all she has left of her family,” Carolina Waterfowl said.

The goose is now being treated at the rehab facility for “emaciation and dehydration.”

She safe, and will be able to “adopt” some orphaned goslings, the group added.

It’s a happy ending for a Mother goose in an otherwise sad story.

Photo Carolina Waterfowl Rescue/Facebook

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