Canada goose terrorizing students, staff at Eastern Michigan University

It’s springtime in Canada goose country, which means geese are pretty onery.

In fact, the Eastern Michigan University Police Department issued a warning this week about aggressive geese on campus.

“Beware of goose!” the Ypsilanti-based police department posted on Facebook April 2. “A pair of geese are nesting in the northwest area of Green Lot 1. Please use caution.”

Police posted a security video to prove it.

It shows a goose swooping toward a passerby and executing a pretty decent dive bomb at the person’s head. Then, as the victim runs away, the goose actually gives chase.

All told, an impressive attack.

Geoffrey Larcom, executive director of media relations for the university, told the Detroit Free Press it’s a male goose protecting a nest as the school is not far from the Huron River.

“There have been several people who have walked by the area, and the male goose has said, ‘Keep your distance,’ essentially. But we’re not aware of any injury reports,” Larcom explained.

Photo Eastern Michigan University Police Department/Facebook

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