Canada Problems: Super polite conservation officer asks moose to leave school grounds

Canadians are polite, right?

So polite, in fact, a conservation officer in British Columbia practically pleaded this week with a pair of moose to leave a school yard in Prince George.

“Alright guys,” the officer can be heard saying off camera as the moose munch on a tree. “It would be really nice if you left the school grounds. It would make our job a lot easier. Please? That would be great. You’d be doing us a huge favour. I know that tree’s delicious, but there’s many other trees in the city.”

He did everything but say, “sorry.”

The moose did eventually vamoose.

“Thank you guys for your cooperation,” the officer added.

Though this might give you a new appreciation for the nicety.

After all, this is the kind of workplace environment the conservation officer service in B.C. are dealing with.

Photo @_BCCOS/Twitter

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