What is Canada’s Greatest Animal? Calgary Zoo contest wants your vote

Is Canada about to say bye-bye to the beaver?

The buck-toothed, industrious little critter has long been the country’s national symbol. But the Calgary Zoo is now launching a contest to name “Canada’s Greatest Animal” as the nation celebrates its 150th birthday this  year.

“It’s time to take a look at who represents the people of this great nation,” the zoo said in launching the poll. “A movement is growing- citizens looking for the national animal that represents the mature and diverse country that Canada has become.”

  • beaver
  • bison
  • great grey owl
  • grey wolf
  • grizzly bear
  • Rocky Mountain goat
  • whooping crane

So far, the beaver is being bumped from top spot by the grey wolf.

Is the wolf Canada’s Greatest Animal? Calgary Zoo/Facebook

The contest is meant to be fun, but also teach the public about wildlife conservations

Voting continues until May 19.

Photos Calgary Zoo

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