So very Canadian. Moose forces school into lock down

Students were in lock down in an Orillia, Ontario school after a 600-pound moose arrived on the property.

The female moose was seen at  Monsignor Lee Catholic School and Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary Schools.

“How Canadian is that?” Tyler Evans said upon learning a moose was behind the safety precaution in an article that appeared in the Toronto Sun.

“In the States they’re getting locked down because of bomb threats, and we’re getting locked down because of a moose,” the Patrick Fogarty student said.

The schools were put in hold-and-secure mode, meaning they were told to stay put but not ordered to lock down the school.

Wildlife staff tranquilized the moose and relocated it to the Swift Rapids area about 30 km north of the city, Petryshyn said, noting the moose was up and running shortly after it was released.

“This is a first for me,” said Patrick Fogarty principal Andy Sendzik.

He said his school was in hold-and-secure mode for about an hour.


Photo credit: Alces Alces

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