Canadian search and rescue dogs in Mexico in earthquake aftermath

In an emergency, it’s never too late to call in reinforcements.

Six search and rescue dogs from Canada are now in Mexico to help local crews pick through the rubble. Even a week after a devastating quake hit Mexico City, there’s still hope that survivors could be found.

The Canadian Search and Disaster Dogs Association isn’t giving up.

Seven volunteers and their canine experts arrived in the city a few days ago, flying Air Canada, which waived hefty fees.

The airline also made sure all the dogs flew in the comfort of the cabin.

Soon after their arrival, they felt another quake.

But got right to work.

Four-legged Canadian rescue workers in Mexico. CASDDA/Facebook

And, it is gruelling.

So far, they have found just bodies. Which will bring comfort to some families.

But they still hope to find survivors.

“They are safe and hard at work. Several finds but no survivors to date,” says CASDDA/Facebook

These are some very good dogs, indeed.

Main Photo Canadian Search and Disaster Dogs Association/Facebook

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