Canine care home opens in Japan

A Japanese retailer is planning to open the first pet nursing care business, intended for senior pets.

The Aeon retail group will open the nursing facility in the shopping mall in the city of Chiba.

The mall will operate in conjunction with a 24-hour surgery clinic, gym and swimming pool for pets in the mall, the company said last month.

The facility will initially accommodate up to 20 dogs and is the first entry by a major retailer into the pet nursing care business, which is currently populated by smaller operators. Aeonpet president Akihiro Ogawa said the company wants to establish an industry standard.

 We hope eventually to expand operations nationwide.”

Dogs are living longer these days because of advances in health care and improved domestic conditions. This causes problems for owners, for example when an elderly dog is no longer able to walk or tends to howl due to dementia.

The move follows the revision of an animal welfare law last year that essentially requires owners to take care of pets until their death.

Aeonpet said its nursing facility will be between 100 and 130 sq. meters in size.

The care will also incorporate some services offered at the company’s luxury pethotel at Tokyo’s Narita Airport, including an hourly room temperature check and webcam so owners can look in on dogs day and night.

Prices will vary depending on the size and type of canine, although the company expects it will set the average owner back about $1,000 per month.

h/t: NBC NewsJapan Times

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