Canine cop in Florida takes a bullet for his partner, wins award for heroism

Casper has won the purple heart for pooches.

In an amazing show of policing — and bravery — the Palm Beach County police dog put himself in the line of fire.

Casper was shot in May during a standoff in the Florida community that saw a robbery suspect shot dead.

“He definitely did his job,” Cpl. John Sylvester, Casper’s handler, told media at the time of the incident. “When the round came, it was meant for us. Unfortunately, he was the one that took the round.”

The United States Marshals Service celebrated his heroism in a ceremony this week.

You can watch the complete award ceremony here.

Capser, by the way, was immediately treated for his injuries.

The bullet went into his left hip but missed all vital organs.

Casper was hit by a bullet in the line of duty. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

“He was back to normal shortly after. He is back on duty and doing great,” police said yesterday.

Casper is a very good dog, indeed.

Photos Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

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