Car crashes through North Carolina vet office, almost hits dog recovering from a car accident

Watch this video of the amazing staff at a North Carolina vet office who jumped into action after a car smashed through a wall  almost hitting the dogs in the clinic.

This first video shows the moments before the crash.

The Noah’s Arc Vet clinic in Franklin were calm and efficient after the harrowing incident as they extinguished a fire and pulled dogs from the rubble.

Beware the Ides of March… our very own Julius almost met an untimely demise today. Check out Christopher Yates who extinguished the fire before he rescued Julius and Cleopatra. Don’t mess with Michele Flowers…. watch her carrying 135 pounds of Julius to safety. What a fabulous team we have! We appreciate so many of you checking in on us… we’re cleaned up and ready to serve again at 8 am tomorrow morning!

The incident happened as staff were at the front counter doing their work when the car careened in, knocking people off their feet and upending shelves.

One dog who got stuck was a rescue name Addie who faced a second run-in with a car.

We’re all safe after the accident today. Our staff ran towards the emergency to rescue all the dogs up front. Kait Hembree is digging through the rubble to pull out rescue dog Addie– who is with us because she was hit by a car and would have euthanized without extensive hip surgery. What are the odds she almost got run over again while recuperating indoors! We couldn’t be prouder of Team Noah.

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