Cat accidentally mailed across Canada is miraculously totally fine

Baloo may well be down to eight lives after this incredible journey.

The year-old cat from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia hopped in a box his owner was getting read to ship on Dec. 6 across the country and accidentally ended up travelling 1,200 kilometres to Montreal, Quebec.

The 17-hour trip was actually supposed to be quite longer. The box of tire rims was destined for a friend in Calgary, Alberta, another 3,500 kilometres away.

Baloo had one incredible journey. Hopefully, he catnapped through it. Photo: Montreal SPCA

But some savvy employees at Purolator, or rather purr-olator, in Montreal discovered the hitchhiking kitty and called the local SPCA on Dec. 7.

“Our research quickly allowed us to trace Baloo’s family and to get in touch with his owner who was desperately searching for him,” Montreal SPCA said in a statement Friday.

Baloo’s owner, Jackie Lake, had been searching for her missing cat, putting up posters and thinking the worst. Then the call came from Purolator.

“She paused and said, ‘So, you didn’t ship a cat?’” Lake told CTV.

“My first question was: Is he alive? Like, did I kill my cat?” she added.

Baloo travelled 1,200 kms in a box. And then he gave a little love to an SPCA technician. Photo: Montreal SPCA

All cat owners know, kitties love boxes and Baloo somehow managed to sneak into this one.

Lake and the SPCA were relieved that Baloo survived the unexpected trip.

“We were relieved that he was safe and sound,” the SPCA added, “because the story could have ended tragically.”

And Freedom Drivers, a group of volunteers who take shelter animals, has given Baloo a lift home for the holidays.

Baloo is getting a free return trip home. Photo: Montreal SPCA

Photos Montreal SPCA

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