And another win for cats. Irish cat adopts ducklings

It’s been a good week for cats.

First, Tara, the heroic cat, saved four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo after a dog attacked him.

Tara rushed the dog and knocked him off Jeremy after the dog dragged him off his bike.

The cat vs dog debate keeps on going and Critter Files was directed to this story last year from Ireland by a pro-cat reader.

When three ducklings were left orphaned, the family cat took them in along with her own brood of three kittens.

Ronan and Emma Lally, from Clara Co Offaly couldn’t quite believe what was happening and thought the cat had ulterior motives.

Initially, primary school teacher Ronan admitted he believed their cat was setting about devouring the ducklings when she plucked one of them up in her mouth.

He told the Irish Independent that the cat is even letting the ducklings suckle her.

The minute the cat lay down the three ducklings ran underneath her. She stared to purr. We lifted her up and two ducklings were latched onto the cat. The cat has all the maternal instinct, she has her paw around them and it is just extraordinary.”

h/t: The Irish Independent

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