Cat Cop: The newest police officer in Troy, Michigan is pawsitively adorable.

This is not your average new recruit.

But “Pawfficer Donut” is now reporting for duty at the Troy Police Department in Michigan.

And already, the rookie cop, er, cat, is sleeping on the job.

The City of Troy in suburban Detroit aimed to swear in its first ever police cat.

But only if it amassed 10,000 followers on Twitter.

And boy, did it ever – and fast.

Badges, a kitten at the Michigan Humane Society, was initially selected for the honor.

But the trail-blazing Pawfficer Badges fell ill with feline leukemia.

But don’t worry, a special home will be found for Badges.

And the testing process for the special assignment was began anew.

It was rigorous.

Congratulations, Donut.

May you help catch many a cat burglar.

Sworn in totally officially.

And anyone can help the Michigan Humane Society, too.

The police services is now offering “purrrtect and serve” Troy Police Feline Unit T-shirts.

Photos Troy Police Department/Twitter

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