Cat Crossing: Family of 6 lynx captured on video by Manitoba Hydro worker

It wasn’t the usual commuter traffic for Shaun Kirchmann.

The Manitoba Hydro worker was literally stopped in his tracks not far from Grand Rapids, which is on the northwestern shore of Lake Winnipeg, some 400 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

A lynx litter was about to cross the highway.

“He saw a bunch of little heads peeking from the trees,” Manitoba Hydro explained in a Facebook post Thursday.

Then, one by one the mother, followed by her five kittens, hopped one-by-one across the road.

The entire 1-minute sighting was caught on video.

“I was so excited,” he told CBC News. “I felt incredibly … just overjoyed really. And it got me thinking of how special it was … just how much people should be aware of what we have in Canada.”

“I hope that this video kind of raises awareness of these elusive animals that are beautiful and should be protected,” added Kirchmann in his interview with CBC.

“I hope they’re all doing well. That’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed, but I couldn’t resist stopping to check out such a reclusive animal.”

Manitoba Hydro won’t reveal exactly where the animals were spotted –to help keep the lynx safe from people, according to CTV News.

Photo Manitoba Hydro/Facebook

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