Cat left in cardboard box rescued before it could starve or freeze to death in a Canadian winter

Don’t do this.

That’s the advice from Alberta Animal Services in the central Alberta city of Red Deer after someone put their cat in cardboard box with only a handful of food before taping it shut and abandoning it.

The cat was found Thursday afternoon stuffed in this box in the south Walmart parking.

Luckily, the cat was not injured and is in good shape.

Someone left a cat in this taped shut box in Red Deer, Alberta. Alberta Animal Services/Facebook

“We hope this post can reach individuals in tough situations where they have to give up their beloved pet,” the animal shelter wrote on Facebook. “Please Please bring your animal to an animal shelter instead of leaving your animal in a public place where it could get hurt or freeze to death in the winter 😞”

The animal advocacy group said there are no witnesses to this crime so precious little can be done about it.

But it does call for better and tougher provincial Animal Welfare Laws to help “protect animals who can’t protect themselves.”

Oh, the kitty has been named Elliott. He’ll be up for adoption in the next week or so.

Who’s a good kitty? Elliott is. Alberta Animal Services/Facebook

Photos Alberta Animal Services/Facebook

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