Cat lovers rejoice: Here’s a pub where you can enjoy the purr-fect pint

So, a cat walks into a bar. Onto the bar, actually.


At least, that what you’ll find at Bag O’ Nails pub in Bristol. The proprietor, Luke Daniels, has been letting the furry felines to grab a stool inside the British pub for years. But suddenly, that penchant for pussy cats has taken the internet by storm.


“This is what the inside of a British cat pub looks like,” Mashable proclaimed. Then there’s this in Metro UK, “Move over cat cafes, we’ve discovered that a cat pub exists.”  And from The Telegraph, “There’s a ‘cat pub’ in Bristol – and the RSPCA aren’t impressed.”



While the local animal welfare group may not pleased with the concept, customers are lapping it up.

Getting cosy in Bristol’s Cat pub Bag O Nails. #cat #pub #bristol

A photo posted by Jamie Lowe (@jamielowetv) on

Getting cosy in Bristol’s Cat pub Bag O Nails. #cat #pub #bristol A photo posted by Jamie Lowe (@jamielowetv) on


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GO HOME KITTEN YOU’RE DRUNK A photo posted by Adam Braunton (@adambraunton) on

Daniels told The Bristol Post this week most patrons enjoy the atmosphere. Well, not the allergic ones, but most everyone else who pops by for a tipple.

“Some of them [the cats] come and sit on your lap,” he told the newspaper, adding: “We have 15 cats in the pub – we once had 24 but that was too much.”

Bag O’ Nails, or Bag Of Nails, if you prefer, bills itself as, “The bestest pub in the world. Or at least that street. Official.”

We may have to agree. Just don’t forget your lint brush when you visit.

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